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"Stay strong, be true to yourself!"

"Too Sensitive

You're too sensitive, it's true
The others don't see who you are,
Too sensitive, I know
It almost killed me too.
You worry, you panic, you're in crisis,
when you get too emotional
without being able to explain right away
It's too strong, it would be scary.
Alone in your world,
You sing to the stars and cuddle the earth
You feel our mother rumbling, exhausted,
but unable to keep quiet anymore.
You feel the sufferance like a bomb,
the tick tock muted,
The powerful ones who not only lead us to the grave
but make fun of our lot too,
I would like to tell you that this weak world
will end by waking up
But I'm scared it's only holding on by a string
but don't worry,
you'll be saved.
With your little angel face,
You make our colorful masks black
All these people who believe you're innocent,
but you, you travel in obscurity.
With your little angel face
you just let them believe
that in your head, there are flowers,
smiles, butterflies,
and vanilla sugar.
I feel your pain,
I see it, I hear it
To be furious and disappointed is normal,
but it's not the only way.
It's up to you to express your beauty,
to light up your eyes,
If nothing shines around you,
it's up to you to be strong and believe it for them.
In this world swarming with ghosts,
they'll try to trip you up.
Look for that light inside of you,
in the heart of an angel-
Man is much more beautiful
than he appears to be.
Don't let ignorance fool you
Don't believe their lies.
They give you what they can,
what they have-
There is much more in you
than what they have instilled.
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